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Certification In Applied Functional Science

Certification In Applied Functional Science

CAFS is the premier certification that teaches movement professionals from all industries the skills and knowledge to develop custom assessment, treatment and training programs tailor-made for each unique individual. CAFS will reveal a process of observation and manipulation to identify dysfunction and create treatments and programs for the client's specific needs based on their individual abilities and goals.

What you will learn

·         The Process of Applied Functional Science®

·         10 Observational Essentials of All Movement

·         The 8 Fundamental Movement Patterns

·         Endless Assessment and Movement Variables

·         The Local/Global Movement Continuum

·         4 step process to Individualized Program Design

·         Functional Movement Assessments

·         How to utilize Local and Global assessments and corrections for the following areas: Foot/Ankle Lumbar     Spine Knee Thoracic Spine Hip Cervical Spine Shoulders

Course Details

Presenter: Benson Poh
Date & Time:
 16th & 17th March 2019, 9am - 5pm (8 hours each day)
 TripleFit Singapore, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-63, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Course Fee:

Join with 3DMaps for a bundle price of $1500! (Up $1750)

Bring your career to the next level with Applied Functional Science

How will it benefit you

1.       Empower you with the principles and processes of applied functional science.

2.      Designed for you at any level; beginner and experienced movement professionals.

3.      Learn structured, practical, application of applied functional science at your own pace.

4.      Learn to creatively and effectively assess, treat, and train your client based on their own individual needs and goals by establishing the 8 fundamental movement patterns and 10 observational essentials of human movement.

5.     Master techniques that seamlessly transition from more isolated local applications to dynamic global movements which are complemented by techniques utilizing different tweaks from the 10 observational essentials.

6.      Gives you a system  on movement assessments and performance enhancement.

7.     Obtain a program design module outlining strategies/progressions for different desired outcomes that can be adapted to any training/treatment program to continue giving clients progressive and functional results based on their daily needs and goals.

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